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iabiltt for president obama. obama.not only... because....four peeple... are ead.../ but... it's... ppened up... much scruttny.../ about... how... the... white house. &phandlee.. liby. libya.. >>barack obama handled thee libyan consulate attack withh textbook wordplay during the second presidential ddbate.>> [sot obama ]>>110:53 "the suggestioonttat anyone on mm ttam, whether secretary of state, the un mbassador would we haae lost four or five oo > trt=:16>> thh administration routineey touts iis foreiggn policy as highly effective. getting osama bin ladee nd snuffing out al qaida.>> [[ot lukk coffey]> sot in 22:37:03 "they do not havv understanding of the sort of &psoccal transffrmatiin we re witnessing."> trt+05>> luke coffey is an expert on middle east affairs anddcan pickk on many levels starting with cy coffey]> oo in22:37:07 "the arab spring in he iddle east, i think they hhvv misjudged it.>> throwing way three decades of friendship with egypt's hosni mubarek to wind up with tte muslim brotherhood.>>> [sot coffey]> sot in 12:37:50 eggpt is a naive to
could save you fifteen percent or more. a... new... obama ad... compares... first-time... voting.../ pto... lossng your virginity.../. the... ad... is produuedd.. áofficialá ccmpaign.../. some... say... too far.../// es --3 tonight... oo p5's... joy leppoa... / jeff... this ad has alleady hit airwaves as well as the causedda stir among some ainly 3 voters. ((pkk))a new obama for america ad coopares vvting to having sex for the first time. sot first timm shouldn't be with it with a great guy.. someone understands women. in the ad, lena dunham the crrator ann p.. portrays the president as &ptte man who took her votinn should be with a uy whh cares whether you get health whether you get birtt ally - control.. the connequences are pevealed hat she's speaking politically and not sexually. the ad was posted on youtube yesttrday. critcc call the disguuting.ááá 6:13355 i thinkk it shhws a realllack of judgement on part of the obama campaign if hissis what pody to see i just don't get it because most americans don't think
as appeared in pictures far morreoften thannpresident obama..... but the pictures hhven't always cast him in a positive before the debates presiddnt 3 obama was portrayed positively in pictures....(change pictuue) romney. but after (change picture) "began - lookkng a whole (11:09:21) (vatz) have reporters follow libeerl views in (1:57) (professor "this countrys been moving too theeright forrmost of idea thattthere's some kind of left to maae to mmvv the country to - the rrght."concerr, governor romney isn't whining'...... &p just watchhng.... knowin je allrrting.thousn i &pin that study of campaign photos, researcherr found that in heeweek prioo to the first debate...the fox news chhnnel published twice as many negativv photos of governor president obama. and its our qqestion oo the ddy.... do you think the ews media is ? &pbiaaed? david writts n our facebook pagee.."absolutely. it's disgus" disgustinn." and jaaquelinee writes..." of ourse. ii's nothinn new.." almost evvryone says yes. go... to... fox- bbltimmrr dot com .../ ell us... what you offf
a cnn snaa poll gives the advaatage to presiient obama. was a foreign policy shoodown.contentious issuess inccuded libya, afghanistan focus, the canidates found ways to brrng the coonersation &pdomeetic issue... the eccnomy. 104-123"unfortunately, thee economy is not stronger..when the -- whennthh pressdenttof ahmadinejad, says that our debt makks us not a greatt country, that's a frighttning thhng. if we haddtaken your advicc gooernor romney about our auuo industry, we'd be buying ccrs frrm china instead of seeling cars to china." phina."now the candidates take their talking points back to candidates are making a push in bbttteground states, hopiig to shore up support beffre election daa. onee.. memorable came ... in tth debate... over ...the size... of the u-s militaryy.../. presideet ... obama's comment .... hasscreated ...a lot of chatter ... pn--line... since. also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nattre offoor military has changed. aircraft carriers, where ed &pplanes land on them. we have theseeships that go under water, hey're called n
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4